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26 janvier – 3 février 2019

BRAFA 2019

The spontaneous impulses that drive us to love an object often seem to result from an instinct shaped by senses, experience and a state of mind that fluctuates with our emotions and our thoughts. Then, as if by magic, the sum of these unconscious choices takes the form of a coherent equation, a metaphor whose sinuous ramifications anchor us and go beyond us. Since the dawn of time, art has been the incarnation and vehicle of common perceptions about creation, human condition, sensitive and metaphysical worlds. The artist adroitly manipulates symbols and images; he crystallizes the soul of his people and the earth that has engendered them for posterity. 



20 septembre – 27 octobre 2019

Elisabeth Horth et Isabelle Stevens

"We like to thread to stitch, to pass the filament through the fabric. We repeat this timeless gesture with care. We dream and write our inner worlds in thread. We share a fabric, a thread like a treasure."

 Under the fingers of the Collectif des Brodeuses, the ancestral ritual is transformed into an incantatory dance and takes on a new meaning. Elisabeth and Isabelle meet each week, observing the constancy and obstinacy of delicate worker ants.

Equipped with a thread and a needle, they trace an incise in everyday life: embroidering is like modeling the rhythm of time. Stitch by stitch the duo becomes a pair, transcends and breaks the traditional framework of pure ornament, the time of waiting, and delivers intimate, contemplative and reflective works, just like the medium that is dear to them.


6 juin 2018 – 15 juillet 2018


The object is the concrete manifestation of a desire, of a story. It is both the mark and the vehicle of the abstraction it invokes, a bridge between the creator and the world, beyond space and time.

From an Aboriginal world inhabited with creator deities to Caribbean rites of Pre-Columbian origins by way of the symbolic value of contemporary objects shaped by elements and fire, OBJECTS OF INTENTION is an invitation to explore the kinships of distinct artistic approaches in three chapters.


CHAPTER II – ABORIGINAL PAINTINGS FROM NORTHERN REGIONS OF AUSTRALIA: Jack Britten - Ronnie Djanbardi - Waigan Djanghara – Queenie McKenzie -John Mawurndjul Robin Nganjmirra – Rover Thomas - Freddie Timms - Freddy West Tjakamarra